35mm Camera Make your own postcards from your 35mm snapshot
35mm Camera

A great and simple idea for anyone who takes 35mm pictures and wants to turn them into postcards to share with friends and relatives! It's fun and creative and very simple--you do it right at home! All you do is take our post office approved backing and your 35mm picture and line them up back to back and then remove one of the protective panels on our backing and adhere it to your picture. Once it's firmly in place, remove the rest of the panels and you have created your own personal postcard that looks like any postcard you bought off the shelf except that it has your picture on it! They are great for graduation, confirmation or for any occasion you want to share your pictures with others in a very unique and one of a kind way - PICTURE-IT! What a way to send relatives pictures of the kids growing up or the family pet in that cute pose - with this product, you make your own postcards.

Choice of size-PICTURE-IT POSTCARDS come in two sizes


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